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The Crossroads Series – Life Changing Moments

After leaving the U.S. Marines at 22, Andrés Martell founded Vin Ambassador, a travel and events business. Growing up with an entrepreneurial father and a tourism background, he used these connections and experiences to offer something unique. But how did his Haas experience prepare him for this pivot? How did he survive the pandemic, and how did he recalibrate to a new direction? 

Pride Month Feature

This episode features Michelle MiJung Kim (she/her), a queer immigrant Korean-American woman writer, speaker, activist, and entrepreneur. She is the author of “The Wake Up,” where she shares foundational principles often missing in today’s mainstream conversations around “diversity and inclusion” and urges readers to go beyond performative allyship to enacting real transformation within ourselves and in the world. 

Michelle shares her immigrant story, coming out as queer in high school, and how it began her political activism journey. 


Around the Block Series – Conversations on Blockchain

Co-Founder of Two Grahams Capital, LLC Graham Bode, shares his entrepreneurial journey including quitting his cushy corporate job to pursue his own ventures full time. Graham is an expert at detecting inefficiencies in markets and capitalizing on them through automated arbitrage. He breaks down his strategies for dealing with the high risk and volatility in the crypto market by adhering to frameworks and fundamentals.

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