A Marathon, Not a Sprint: Podcasters on Podcast Consistency

Successful podcasts all have one thing in common: consistency. From steadiness with podcast content to establishing a regular content release schedule and developing frequent marketing strategies, staying consistent with podcast production and marketing is key for fostering podcast growth.   But maintaining the production of quality content and keeping up with scheduling and marketing responsibilities is […]

Brand Consistency for Higher Education Podcasts

Podcast consistency isn’t just about sticking to a schedule. It’s also about creating a cohesive brand narrative over the long run. In a world with so many unknowns, podcast audiences want to know that your podcast will consistently deliver high-quality, worthwhile content that sticks with a theme.  With a relevant and consistent theme, you’ll keep […]

How to Stay Consistent with Podcasting

Lots of creators start podcasts, but how many stay consistent? It can be tempting to give up podcasting after a couple of months of low-performing content. But achieving podcast success might not be as far off as you think—research shows that if your podcast gets 25-30 downloads per month, you’ll already be in the top […]

Podcasters’ Perspectives on Holiday Breaks

Holiday breaks can be a time of uncertainty for podcasters. As the holiday season approaches, numerous are seemingly left unanswered. How do you decide whether or not to publish over a break? If you do publish, what do you publish? How do you announce a break? And how do you navigate returning to content production […]

How to Announce a Holiday Break: Podcast Edition

Navigating the holidays as a podcast creator can be challenging. During this time, many content creators choose to take a break. Now, there’s nothing wrong with taking breaks. In fact, we recommend it! Taking time away from the pressures and responsibilities of content creation can ensure that you’re feeling rested and ready to continue making […]

Podcast Growth: What Is It, and How Can You Achieve It?

When you think of the phrase podcast growth, you might think of metrics and data. This information often includes highest performing episodes, subscriptions, reviews and ratings, the number of downloads and listens per episode, times the episodes were downloaded, listening lengths, listener demographics such as location, number of shares and website traffic, to name a […]