A Marathon, Not a Sprint: Podcasters on Podcast Consistency

Successful podcasts all have one thing in common: consistency. From steadiness with podcast content to establishing a regular content release schedule and developing frequent marketing strategies, staying consistent with podcast production and marketing is key for fostering podcast growth.   But maintaining the production of quality content and keeping up with scheduling and marketing responsibilities is […]

Podcasters’ Perspectives on Holiday Breaks

Holiday breaks can be a time of uncertainty for podcasters. As the holiday season approaches, numerous are seemingly left unanswered. How do you decide whether or not to publish over a break? If you do publish, what do you publish? How do you announce a break? And how do you navigate returning to content production […]

The EdUp Experience’s Dr. Joe Sallustio on Podcast Growth

From creating valuable connections with your audience to building strong partnerships with other podcasts and engaging on social media, there’s a number of ways to grow your listener base.   To learn more about the strategies for podcast growth from the creator’s perspective, we spoke to Dr. Joe Sallustio, co-founder and host of The EdUp Experience […]

This Is Purdue’s Kate Young on Podcast Growth

Growing a podcast in higher education spaces takes hard work, networking and consistency. The team behind the This Is Purdue Podcast has implemented these techniques with notable success. During 2021, their overall listener base grew 387% from 2020. The bi-weekly podcast features interviews with Purdue students, faculty, staff and alumni.   To learn more about how […]

An Inside Look at University Cross-Channel Marketing

  To the untrained eye, well known content creators explode in popularity on one channel—which leads to their popularity on other channels. But while some creators gain internet fame overnight, others rely on a multichannel approach to create their audience.  Realistically, bringing your audience to your content means investing your resources and energies in marketing […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Broadcasting and Speaking Skills

woman in black tank top sitting on chair in front of microphone

If you want to work in broadcasting, the first thing to focus on is your voice. Even for those who have been broadcasting for some time, there is always room for improvement. You should develop your voice for TV, radio, or podcasts so that you sound professional when you speak into the microphone. In previous […]