Production for Higher Education Podcasts 

So you want to start a podcast. Congratulations! Podcasts are a fantastic way to share information and delve deeper into topics that you’re interested in. And for professors and students alike, podcasts can be a great way to build community on campuses while also learning more about specific areas of study. Podcast production may seem […]

Defining a Higher Education Podcast Audience

There are various questions to take into account when defining a podcast audience. For instance, who are the people that you want to make a podcast for? What are some of the shared interests that people in the group that you want to make a podcast for have in common? What kind of content does […]

Jonathan Barshop on Viral Podcasts

Podcast virality is difficult to achieve. However, there are steps that podcast creators can take towards gaining visibility in the world of podcasting—remaining consistent with content creation, for instance, is a good place to start. To learn more about how podcast creators can acquire better exposure, we interviewed Jonathan Barshop, senior podcast growth marketer at […]

Carey Green on Viral Podcasts

There are many factors involved in creating and understanding viral podcast content. From being in tune with audience interests to analyzing podcast metrics, podcast virality occurs as a result of good content creation and uniquely targeted marketing methods. To understand how podcast virality works, we spoke to Carey Green, founder and CEO of Podcast Fast […]

Podcasters on Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion within the podcasting world takes on many forms. Podcasters can focus on a series of topics centering around the theme of diversity and inclusion within their content, feature guests from diverse backgrounds on their episodes, or share their platform with co-hosts from different backgrounds.  Regardless of the approach, thoughtful podcasters aim to […]

Demonstrating Diversity in Podcasts

Showcasing diversity in your podcast can help you better connect to your target audience and make them feel seen and heard. Additionally, incorporating diversity and inclusion into your podcast can play an important role in exposing audiences to new cultures, ideas and people groups. Your podcast can empower individuals within your audience while also educating […]

5 Diversity and Inclusion Podcasts

The topic of diversity and inclusion appears in podcasts in a variety of ways. Some podcasts might center their topics around diversity and inclusion, while others might give a nod to the important topic by featuring guests or special episodes. Either way, podcasts are a great medium to have informative conversations about diversity and inclusion.  […]

Ethan Fixell on Podcast Superfans

Podcast superfans are a valuable aspect of successful podcasts. Superfans not only consistently engage with podcasts themselves but can also boost podcast engagement by spreading the word about your show. Earning the dedication of casual listeners requires a dynamic and interactive process of targeted marketing and successful communication of enthusiasm and excitement. Accomplishing this can […]

A Marathon, Not a Sprint: Podcasters on Podcast Consistency

Successful podcasts all have one thing in common: consistency. From steadiness with podcast content to establishing a regular content release schedule and developing frequent marketing strategies, staying consistent with podcast production and marketing is key for fostering podcast growth.   But maintaining the production of quality content and keeping up with scheduling and marketing responsibilities is […]

Podcasters’ Perspectives on Holiday Breaks

Holiday breaks can be a time of uncertainty for podcasters. As the holiday season approaches, numerous are seemingly left unanswered. How do you decide whether or not to publish over a break? If you do publish, what do you publish? How do you announce a break? And how do you navigate returning to content production […]