What Are Podcast Superfans?

Lots of podcasts have fans—listeners who admire and show continuous interest in the content shared. But how many podcasts have superfans? You know, the people who are so invested in their podcast of choice that they not only willingly carve out time in their busy schedules to keep up with that podcast, but also become advocates for the podcast content, sharing it with others. People who actively and proudly represent their support for their favorite podcasts.  

This article examines the difference between fans and superfans, as well as the ways in which superfans can support the growth of your podcast. 

Regular fans

Regular fans tune in to your podcast consistently. Through steady content releases, you’ve established a connection that prompts them to keep coming back for more. It’s enough for them to consistently like your social media posts, maybe even to seek out your page on their own time instead of merely seeing you pop up in their feed of countless other media outlets. They might even download your content for later.

While fans might find your content relatable and valuable, they don’t necessarily find it shareable. That’s where superfans come in. Superfans believe that your podcast has the potential to be relatable and valuable to not only themselves, but also others. In other words, they find your content shareable.

Superfans and sharing

Superfans do more than just admire your work. They share your work. Their podcast sharing can take on many forms—it may mean posting about your latest episode to social media and recommending it to their own audience. Or they might talk about the podcast with people in real life. Ultimately, whether it’s through an online medium or by word of mouth, superfans become brand advocates for your podcast. 

Beyond the podcast

In addition to sharing your work, superfans are also willing to support your efforts outside of podcast episodes. For instance, did you recently launch a merch line? Do you run a patron program that provides access to more podcast content such as extended episodes or behind the scenes footage? Superfans trust that since you provided value through your podcast, your efforts outside of the podcasting world will also be valuable. 

Superfans trust you and your message

Why do superfans share your work and support your efforts outside of podcasting? It all boils down to trust. Based on numerous positive past experiences with your brand, superfans trust that you will continue to deliver the same quality content. Over time, they come to trust your judgment and your values. They form a unique relationship with your brand.

Superfans feel accurately represented by your brand message. The themes in your podcast successfully speak to unique parts of their identity, and they are excited to show your content to others who might feel similarly.

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